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Located in Belmont, Geelong, our traditional 1/4 acre block in the suburbs has been transformed into an urban permaculture oasis…  Well, it’s getting there…   🙂

Watts Permaculture is our attempt at becoming a producer, not just a consumer of food.  Living in the city, we’ll never be self sufficient, but urban agriculture has many benefits.  We eat from our garden every day, but as the garden becomes more productive, our aim is to swap and trade plants and produce with neighbours and local businesses.  We also do some Permaculture Design work and raise our own seedlings and plants for sale.

Sure, it’s a lot of hard work, but here are just a few of the key benefits from our permaculture system:

  • Eat fresh, home and organically grown food everyday.  Great for our health.
  • Permaculture is an extremely resource efficient means of growing food.  We take waste from the local community to turn into plant food: Coffee grounds, lawn clippings, leaf litter, food scraps etc.  Great for our plants.
  • We produce NO garden waste.  Everything is recycled or composted.  Even our normal rubbish bin goes out every second week or less.  Great for the environment (and less bin pickups saves council a little too).
  • For 80% of the year, we use tank water for all garden watering.  Saves our water supplies.
  • Surplus food is bartered or sold at below market prices, and we are regulars at the Belmont Food Swap.  Great for the community.
  • Growing food is self employment at it’s most secure.  Taking back ones own means of production – reduces stress.

You can read about the creator, Goshen – on the About Us page.

“What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet. We don’t know what details of a truly sustainable future are going to be like, but we need options, we need people experimenting in all kinds of ways and permaculturists are one of the critical gangs that are doing that.”
Dr David Suzuki

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