Covid-19 Response / Payment

As a producer of food, seeds and edible plants, and helping others to grow food, we consider ourselves to be somewhere between an essential service (even under stage 4 lockdown; permaculture as a means of production is allowed) and a trade (professional advice). In both cases, we are maintaining social distancing, and avoiding contact with suppliers and customers with online payment; non-contact pickups where possible etc.

We are keeping our customers safe by minimizing external contact and absolutely minimal shopping for our small family of 3. We are quite happy just staying at home in our garden; and for the immediate future; all our plants and products do not require any external supplier inputs. So, I would argue that we should be lower risk than going shopping at the large stores and nursery’s. If there is another level of closures, and Bunnings or nursery’s are forced to close, we’ll re-asses our situation.

Payment options

To avoid the use of cash (let us know if that’s a problem); we request that payments are made via one of the following. We are not charging any extra fees at this stage.

  • Direct Deposit (instant transfer) via Osko / Pay ID from your bank: Use our Pay ID: 0411968155
  • Credit Card “Tap and Go” is ok on pickup (we use a ‘Square’ terminal).
  • Paypal:
    (NB: Please only select ‘buyer protection’ if you need to use it, as PayPal charges me a fee. Also, if the funds come from your credit-card, this also incurs a small fee).
  • Old fashioned Direct Deposit (takes 1-2 days):
    Goshen Watts; bsb: 923100 accnt: 31920283

Pickup Options

Once the order is confirmed; we will confirm the day/time and pickup address. We can just leave the items out the front for you to collect. Happy to meet you; but we don’t really need to ‘interact’.

Stay safe; and wish you an abundant garden.