Implementation Permaculture Gardening

Sept 2019: Please note we are only able to take on selective / small scale work, but please get in contact if you need any advice or recommendations as we are working on some collaboration in this area.

Digging out couch grass in an overgrown veg garden.

Digging out couch grass in an overgrown veg garden.

It’s easy to spend lots of money if you want a nice landscaped design with rocks, hardwood edging, water tanks, ponds etc.  Some of these are well worth the investment, but we are not landscapers, rather, we specialize in low budget permaculture implementation, and attempt to use reclaimed materials and those on-site where possible.

One thing we don’t do however, is quote for work without any design what-so-ever.  This is because permaculture (by it’s very definition) is a design process.

We can offer a quite reasonably priced ‘per hour’ consultancy, where we can come out and conduct a mini site analysis, answer any questions you might have, and suggest ways forward and how to implement your ideas and whether a design is necessary.  Or, you could try our special offer, below:

Example of permaculture Implimentation

Creating a new garden bed from a couch and rubble infested area.  After sieving, good soil was returned to the garden bed with some compost to create a highly productive garden bed.  No bobcat, no tip fees, no waste (rubble can be recycled into gravel paths), and the couch is fed to the chickens.

3 Hours of Garden Work AND Micro Design for just $150!

Got a neglected part of your garden, and want to get something happening, but don’t know where to start?  Have no budget for a design and just want to see what’s possible with permaculture?

Try our 3 hour consultation, much of that time working ON your garden to create at least some space ready for planting.  What we can accomplish in that time depends on many things, but can include digging, weeding, making a compost system, pruning etc.  We can even supply compost, seeds etc ready to plant.

Micro garden design

Micro garden design

Importantly, it includes a ‘Micro Design’: Observations & interactions with your site during our visit inform a quick micro design of the area in question (not too large). We rough out a hand-drawn design, and return or email this to you within 24 hours!

You can choose to continue the work yourself, or we can return to complete the work, or quote you, if the job is larger.

We can work with builders, landscapers and other contractors if your ideas require professional input, but here are just some of the things we can do:

  • General garden maintenance
  • Edible garden construction
  • Veggie & herb gardens
  • Container or raised gardens
  • Food forests
  • Create easy to use composting systems
  • Provide our own plants & seedlings at low cost
  • Drainage, creeks, wet-areas
  • Ponds & water gardens

Please note that we aren’t a lawn mowing service.  We don’t come around for 30 mins, create a whole bunch of noise and remove precious compostable materials from site!  For the same amount of money, you might get a couple of hours of thoughtful, productive and quiet work, just sayin’.

Testimonial from Gavin Brown (who has an amazing edible garden in East Geelong):

“Goshen has done landscaping work for us on a couple of occasions.  He has shown innovation and creativity in the way he has used second-hand bluestones and other natural paving materials to create paths around our garden.  His workmanship is excellent and we are extremely happy with the end result – in fact we got a better result from Goshen than we even expected.  I have also visited his home garden and thoroughly enjoyed it – the garden combines functionality with fun and creativity.  I’d recommend Goshen for any landscaping or organic gardening requirements”.
Slate steppers

Some slate steppers created in the verge garden.

Landscaping with bluestones

Bluestone steps created at Gavins, after a few months of settling in.