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Our Renovation – Major features

Well it’s a bit delayed; since the bulk of the renovation was completed over 12 months ago. But here we go… check out the gallery above for some photos and a few explainers… although...

Reno Time Post One

It’s time to document some of our building / renovation experience. Well the correct time has long past, but better late than never! We officially started in October 2020 (and planning etc started in June 2019!), luckily our builders were able to work through most of the covid lockdowns

Carrot Seed

2016 An Update in Photos

Thought I’d provide an update on some happenings in our Permaculture Garden by showing some images (All taken during the month of November). I hope your garden is flourishing, and I guess we can...



2015 turned out to be a full, productive and exciting year.  The first full year of ‘Watts Permaculture’.  Here’s a short list of things we accomplished this year: Advanced Permaculture design course Design and...


A huge year.  Now a full time permaculture gardener (with Asher in tow), although ask me directly, and I’m still just a ‘stay at home Dad’.   This year was also when we took...


This year was 5 years since we began.  There were a few successes, and a few failures too.  The greywater system blocked up and needed changing.  There were still things to plant and space...


2012 Was a year just chillen in the garden.  Well no, I was busy at work, working on a way to get out of work…  


Things really came together in 2011.  Despite still working (nearly) full-time with the kite business, and one year old crawling around the place.  Also this year, Goshen completed a Permaculture Design Course.  



Building the greenhouse was a dream come true for me.  I’d always wanted one, and it’s the pride of the garden.  Rustic, recycled and WARM on those cold, windy winter days.  Shade cloth over...


No time to lose… 2009 was a busy year, and saw the big ticket items go in: The deck, ‘plunge-pond’, some earthworks, water-tanks and some other constructions.