• 2010_greenhousebuild
    Building the greenhouse with my Dad; a builder too.
  • 2010_pond-system
    The pond system, working, and full of water - overflow from our two main tanks.
  • 2010_pumpkins
    Huge pumpkin patch... amazing what you can do with some space, and soil that hasn't grown anything for a while.
  • 2010_pumpkin_crop
    Goshen and Katrina with the mega harvest - 80 Pumpkins!
  • 2010_vegiegarden
    Productive veggie patch, it'd be 2014 before I could replicate the abundance of this year.

Building the greenhouse was a dream come true for me.  I’d always wanted one, and it’s the pride of the garden.  Rustic, recycled and WARM on those cold, windy winter days.  Shade cloth over the top in summer makes it bearable for the plants.


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