Sustainable House Day – We’re open

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Coming up on this weekend (Sunday 14th October) is Sustainable House Day, and we’re opening our Garden to this event for the first time since 2011.   Back then, we were involved in the day as a showcase of what can be achieved in just a few years (we started late 2008); but now, almost 10 years since we started, we’re opening again…   We’re definitely not finished yet, but come and see what’s changed , and how a more mature ‘permaculture’ system is managed.   If you haven’t seen our creation yet, now’s your chance – and with just about everything in flower, it’s at it’s best looking ever.

Sunday 14th Oct
Where: See the Geelong Sustainability event page for more info and to register for the event (or contact us directly).
Cost: Free (or gold coin donation to GS).

Some of the features on show:

  • Permaculture lifestyle
  • Glasshouse
  • Anti-Aviary
  • Established Food Forest
  • Guild and Companion planting
  • ‘Splash’ pond
  • Extensive water harvesting
  • Several working composting systems
  • Operating a small permaculture business
  • Chickens, Worms, Bees* and Guinea Pig

There’s a bunch of other great houses open too, so make a day of it…

Also, we’ll have a number of seeds, plants and seedlings available for sale on the day.
The list has been updated on our webpage here.


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