Our Renovation – Major features

  • P1160295
    Skip - As much as possible was saved from the skip; but we still ended up with 3 skips full of rubbish.
  • P1160331
    Framing for the new kitchen window.
  • P1160392
    Cutting the external bricks for the new window.
  • P1160327
    Complex system of pipes underfloor!
  • P1160768
    We cooked on the outdoor rocket-stove a few times when the kitchen was out of action.
  • P1160783
    New Entrance tiles. The builder's apprentices weren't impressed "it just looks like smashed up tiles". Ah yeah; that's the point.
  • P1160414
    Newly polished floorboards (old and new).
  • P1160355
    Insulation - R5 in the ceiling.
  • P1160771
    Panty - which I mostly built myself, out of the old kitchen cupboards and other building offcuts.
  • P1160649
    Sanden Heat-pump Hot Water, plus the AC units for the Split systems.
  • P1160638
    That means, we got OFF gas. Gas meter is GONE.
  • P1170132
    Huge hole in the roof - new greenhouse / skillion roof will go here.
  • P1170316
    Original cream bricks on internal wall, which we kept as a feature.
  • P1180096
    These big panels are "Solar Venti's", a wonderfully efficient means of passive heating.
  • P1170354
    North facing skillion roof lets in heaps of winter sunshine to the main living area.
  • P1170567
    Another view of the greenhouse in action.
  • P1160785
    "Don't be afraid of using colour, they said".
  • P1160818
    Induction cooktop, and Tiling with our own random tile pattern. We pretty much didn't have a single tile left over.
  • P1170895
    Great to use the new kitchen benches to bottle up some Apricots!
  • P1170901
    Final yield... jams, jars and still lots of fresh ones!
  • P1170846
    Friends over to celebrate our new space. Perfectly timed with the end of lockdown.
  • P1170564
    Another angle on the kitchen.
  • P1170562
    Finished kitchen.

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