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Some seedlings we had for sale in Oct, and at the Garage Sale Trail day.

An example of some of the seedlings we sell

We grow and pot-up a range of plants & seedlings, depending on the season.  For the most part, we make our own seed-raising mix and potting mix, and guarantee the health of the plants or your money back.

There’s a bunch of plants, seeds and seedlings we can supply pretty much year round, but we’ll try to keep this page updated with currently available items.  If you’re after something not listed, please just ask.

Pickup only… (Belmont, Geelong): Note that we don’t post anything – there’s heaps of seed / garden mail-order (eg Diggers and Birdland Organic Seeds) out there who have a much larger range than us.

Updated for Jan 2020

Seed Packets

Our seed envelopes are made from recycled Digger’s catalogs.

Seeds (available now: at just $2 per packet).
Or SPECIAL: 3 for $5!

  • Parsley – Triple Curled
  • Dill
  • Chervil
  • Sweet Basil
  • Coriander
  • Lettuce – ‘Goldrush’
  • Lettuce – ‘Amish Dear-tongue’
  • Asparagus Seeds
  • Red Mizuna
  • Kale – Red Russian
  • Celery
  • Carrot (Yellow)
  • Carrot (Orange)
  • Silverbeat – Green
  • Rocket
  • Watercress
  • Parsnip (fresh seed)
  • Californian Poppy – Yellow
  • Echium – Blue

Seeds are all “true to type” – we avoid saving seed for anything that might have crossed with another plant, but we suggest you use our seeds for growing produce, not for maintaining named variety purity.

Ask about: Tree / Walking Onion & Shallots

Example of herbs & seedlings in 4" Pots

Example of herbs & seedlings in 4″ Pots

Herbs & Seedlings, Various prices (50c – $3).
(We can also supply/grow seedlings by request)

  • n/a

Anytime on request: Chives, Feverfew, Mint, Yarrow, Warragul Greens.

Example of plants in 5" Pots

Example of plants in 5″ Pots

Plants in pots: $2 – $6 each

  • Warrigul Greens $1
  • Asparagus $1
  • Basil Mint $2
  • Small Figs (Black Genoa) $5 – $10.
  • Comfrey $3
  • Thornless Blackberry $6
  • Thornless Loganberry $10
  • Society Garlic $4
  • Feverfew $2
  • Salvia $3
  • Lamb’s Ears $3

Submit your enquiry via the contact form below, ideally (but not essential) give us a couple of days notice to get them together.

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