• P1080092
  • 11_bee_on_flowers
    A bee, just hovering just in front of a Society Garlic flower.
  • 01_blacktomato
    A black (and red) tomato, one of my favourites; but also of the 'wildlife'.
  • 04_citrus
  • 02_chillies
    Chillies!! This one called Joes Long Cayenne. Very nice.
  • 05_verge-blitz0
    Verge Blitz, great to have some help with a project like this.
  • 07_front1
    Huge no-dig in the front yard, with heaps of weeds and grass.
  • 08_front2
    In the process, compost, manures and more - on top of the cardboard and paper.
  • 09_front3
    Finished, with straw mulch
  • 10_front4
    Then... massive spring growth - sunflowers and pumpkins.
  • P1090535
    Sunflower close-up, bees loving them; although not so much the pumpkins, which experienced poor pollination despite the apparent health of the system.
  • 06_verge-blitz2
    Flowers on the Verge
  • 13_wisteria
    Wisteria, an amazing show for a couple of weeks - and did you know it is nitrogen fixing!?
  • 03_recycled_bricksetc
    A new area with recycled bricks and concrete being chucked away
  • 12_foodforest_water
    A deep 'swale' to hold water in the food-forest.
  • 14_strawberries
    Best strawberry harvest in years!
  • 15_apricotharvest
    Huge apricot harvest, filled a dozen bottles.

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