An online store with a difference… you can’t buy anything online!
But hopefully that’s not why you’re here…

Instead, this page has been created to list a few items that we have for sale and we hope you’re local enough to come and collect them.

Some things are surplus to our requirements, other things we produce ourselves.  Items are in new condition unless otherwise noted.

Spare Tools & Equipment
– Sickles $10.00 ea
– Geotextile 1m Wide $2.50 /m
– Pond Liners (odd shapes, approx 3x3m) $25.00 ea
– Bentonite Clay $4.00 /kg

Shop - Outputs

Outputs and products from the Permaculture Garden
Worm Juice Harvested fresh on request$2.50 / 2L
Compost WormsWorms for your compost; available most of the year.$6 per 700g tub = a couple of hundred worms.
Chicken ManureConcentrated chicken manure / bedding. Apply sparingly, or best used to supercharge your compost. Approx 5kg / bag.($5.00 / bag)
Chicken Manure SievedGreat general fertilizer for adding to old potting mix and around the veg garden. $4.00 / kg
Heavy CompostHome-made, and enriched and turned over by our chickens. This is the high quality - high nitrogen compost that comes from out "deep litter system". **Note that some weed seeds (and of
various edibles) will be present in the mix.
$10 / bag (15-20kg)
Seed-Raising MixHome-made mix from 15 month old leaf mould, coir, sand and sheep manure.$6.00 / 4L bag approx.
BiocharHomemade biochar from quality wood. Inoculated and sieved.N/A

If you’re looking for Plants, Seeds or Seedlings, you can find that page >>here.

Submit your enquiry via the contact form below, ideally (but not essential) give us a couple of days notice to get items together and arrange a time with you for collection.  Please note we don’t normally post items… unless you have exhausted other options and would still like to order 🙂

* Contactless. Pay ID is a trusted form of bank transfer, and is our preferred method of electronic payment.
We'll get back to you with cost, availability and pickup information.