• 2014_Saffron
    Our first Saffron flower
  • 2014 Compost
    Massive compost pile in the chicken coop.
  • 2014 Holiday
    Yes, we got away from the winter of 2014 for a once in a lifetime trip through the Kimberly, WA.
  • 2014 Overgrown
    And came back to... a neglected garden! This is what just 3 months will do to an untended Permaculture garden.
  • 2014 Food
    But, there is still loads of food in there. Just about everything (although weedy looking) is edible.
  • 2014 New bed
    Separating out gravel from useful dirt for a new garden bed. A tough gig.
  • 2014 Seperated
    Nicely separated.
  • 2014 Spring bloom
    Spring bloom on the dwarf nectarine.
  • 2014 Seedlings
    Some seedlings we had for sale in Oct, and at the Garage Sale Trail day.
  • 2014 Chickens
    Our lovely ladies. Not so amazing layers, but they keep us in eggs for half the year.
  • 2014 Grass
    A self seeded and completely untended grass plant. Just an amazing pic of what nature will just pull out of it's hat every now and then.
  • 2014 Asher
    Asher (now 4) helping get the new seedling bed hoed up.
  • 2014 Antiavairy
    An ANTI-Aviary. That's right. All those pesky, berry pinching, scratching birds can now go and get fucked. ...Despite appearances, is not a cage for the slave labor of children!
  • 2014 Swap
    A wagon of garden produce to barter with the neighbours.

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