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2012 Was a year just chillen in the garden.  Well no, I was busy at work, working on a way to get out of work…  


Things really came together in 2011.  Despite still working (nearly) full-time with the kite business, and one year old crawling around the place.  Also this year, Goshen completed a Permaculture Design Course.  



Building the greenhouse was a dream come true for me.  I’d always wanted one, and it’s the pride of the garden.  Rustic, recycled and WARM on those cold, windy winter days.  Shade cloth over...


No time to lose… 2009 was a busy year, and saw the big ticket items go in: The deck, ‘plunge-pond’, some earthworks, water-tanks and some other constructions.  

2008 – The beginning

Where it all began, December 2008.  A blank slate.  Whatever traditional garden was here in the past was bulldozed, but the previous owners plans to build units fell through, so we took pity and saved...