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Rain on Dry Soil – Resource Pulse

After the last post, and such a dry summer – the recent rains are a godsend. Well over 50mm in May already. As a result, things are greening up, and seedlings are coming up everywhere in the food forest… and I’ve got a few million more than I can cope with!

A place for Everything

It’s been a little while since the previous post.  I think perhaps my creative energies are being ‘used up’ somewhat in being the editor of the Geelong Organic Gardener’s newsletter (which also comes out...

Grafting workshop

Aug 31st Grafting Workshop

Workshops were never going to be a big part of what we do, but sometimes the opportunity might come up to spread some knowledge and skills. Updated: The workshop on the 31st August was...

Tip: Protect your precious figs

Got a fig tree, and sick of birds devouring your figs just as they ripen?  Check out this easy solution using old strawberry containers to protect them. Works especially great on small trees, as...