• 2011_gardendetail
    Garden in the twilight.
  • 2011_minicreek
    New garden-bed and rear access, with sieved soil. Micro creekbed runs up the LHS, which takes any excess water that isn't able to soak in.
  • 2011_beforeminicreek
    The worksite... July 2011, quiet at work, so just stayed home to get muddy.
  • 2011_flowers
    Baby Asher lost an amazing riot of colour - micro wetland area.
  • 2011_onthewildside
    A bit of wild colour, nothing here was planned.
  • 2011_foodforest
    Beginnings of the food-forest.
  • 2011_apples
    Lovely apples! You're meant to thin them... but anyway.
  • 2011_pathcomplete
    Lashing out on a fancy garden path. Finished product; many thanks to Howard Gardening. May 2011.

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