Permaculture by default in Tasmania

  • 10-P1110428
    Fantastically original and beautiful structures.
  • 01-P1110391
  • 02-P1110411
    Side view of the down-sloping glasshouse - a very pleasant place and an essential season extender for the Tas climate.
  • 03-P1110400
    Huge anti-aviary growing a large amount of veg and berries.
  • 04-P1110394
    Ron Harvesting some late broad beans.
  • 05-P1110437
    Ron demonstrating his impressive didgeridoo playing.
  • 06-P1110444
    Harvesting raspberries.
  • 07-P1110396
    Did I mention raspberries!
  • 08-P1110383
    Red-currents too, and black currents, gooseberries and more. The sheer abundance of berries clearly shows how well suited they are to the Tas climate and rainfall.
  • 09-P1110388
    Very creative water harvesting - fills up a water tank below the bucket.
  • P1110678
    Could have found a new holiday hobby - rock-stacking :-)

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