The journey begins

Note: The following blog entry was written in 2009 (when I was working full-time), in a blog that went no-where… but it does describe the moment I went down the rabbit hole, so to speak ūüôā

I knew I was holding this blogger account for some reason. ¬†I think it is time to start writing something down, and what the hell, let’s make it public. ¬†Now I’m going to say straight up, that I don’t have the time to do this. ¬†I don’t have time for half the shit I think I can try and do. ¬†But I’m sick of not having enough time; so as I’ve been tending to do lately; what gets done, gets done. ¬† The real reason for this blog will become apparent, perhaps, later – but largely it has something to do with an attempt at making sense of the overwhelming amount of information, misinformation, contradictions and hypocrisy of the world, and my place in it.

Sometime in June, 2006,¬†out of the blue, I heard a PBS radio program on “Peak Oil” that scared the shit out of me. ¬†It was my “Peak Oil moment” – The moment the penny drops. ¬†Like the line from the documentary¬†Blind SpotWhat if all the expectations you have about the future, are completely wrong”. ¬† It was exactly like that, except like most people I thought they were having me on, so I went on a desperate¬†search for information, and pretty much spent the weekend on Google.

Indeed, just before I started packing to run off to the hills, I left a message to Katrina:

Dear Katrina,

Before I descend into the depths of some doomsday cult (after all, that’s what people will call it); ¬†i want you to read the web pages below. ¬†Tell me I’m wrong, and we shouldn’t worry about it…

————————– ¬†[…and other sites]

She wrote back:

Hey babe,

Had a bit of a look around and seems to me the ability of “experts” to quote whatever suits their main argument, and quote sources that I can’t locate is fairly rampant in this argument about peak oil. ¬†I don’t know about you but I had a fair bit of trouble finding the main points of what is actually being said by most of them. The posts are really long and there’s a whole lot of words that don’t make it into the general population’s vocabulary. ¬†This alone suggests that there is a flaw in the argument because if you can’t put it into plain speak and you need to dress it up, then normally you’re hiding something. ¬†There are situations where it is fundamentally necessary to use fancy words but this appears (at first glance anyway) to be everywhere is this stuff. ¬†Not sure if i’m just not smart enough but i’d need a dictionary to completely understand the thornarticles posting.

What i did understand was that we have often have two people with opposing views and it depends on who you think has more credibility as to who you believe. ¬†And this has to be based solely on their own publicity because you can’t find anyone on the internet and know for certain that they don’t have a hidden agenda. ¬†Even when they spout about having no affiliations or connections with any particular group, there is no way to verify it because they all appear to be lying about something. ¬†I don’t know what the answer is but as far as I can tell, further investigation is still needed – I’ll let you know how I get on but right now, my head hurts from trying to decipher the stuff I’ve read so far and I need to take a break.

love katrina

Found the following site:

PS – I Don’t think it’s time to descend to the depths of despair just yet – the wind’s blowing and there’s still rocks to climb. ¬†All is not lost!

Read that last line again.

Postscript: Well further investigation was needed. ¬†I spent years reading Peak Oil Debunked, which was really entertaining (with great posts, like Welcome to the Doomer Feedlot)¬†but after a while, more and¬†more evidence from some very credible sources was accumulating, which all pointed to some serious problems with the world’s interlinked energy and economic systems, and the implications of climate change.

But nor is there some appocalyptic end of the world, belief in which is lazy excuse to do nothing (as in “we’re all doomed anyway”).

A nice quote (unknown source) that fits well to this post:

Once you take the red pill, you reject fantasy and embrace reality.  In the embrace of the truth, you know you must be part of the solution.

This site, and permaculture for that matter, accepts the realities of an ‘Energy Descent Future‘ without talking too much about it. ¬†It’s a brief note, before we move onto positive action to create a world we want to live in, and our kids to live in. ¬†So posts will tend to be on positive action, rather than complaining about how screwed up the world is.

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