• 2013_caulie
    Awesome cauliflower!
  • 2013_foodforest
    Another angle on the evolving 'food-forest'.
  • 2013_lemons
    Meyer lemon
  • 2013_harlequinbugs
    Harlequinbugs attacking our apples. They really went for some of them, but luckily in later years have been far less of a problem.
  • 2013_stilldigging
    Still digging holes. This time for an Olive in the 'future court yard'.
  • 2013_treechop
    Gum tree had to get the chop, after it grew 8m in only 4 years.
  • 2013_hugelkulture
    Hugelkulture beds... all the rage in Permaculture. Not sure if they suit our climate exactly, but was good fun.

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